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My name is Lotte van der Zee and I love working out! Being active is like oxygen for me, it keeps me moving and gives me energy. Since I was a child I loved horse riding, skiing, sailing, mountain biking, running, surfing, tennis etc. When I am not training clients, you can find me working out in the park, running in the forest or on a surfboard. At the moment I feel like I am the most happy person on this globe and I get energy and motivation by training my clients every single day. I challenge myself to get the best out of people, to encourage them to know their bodies better and to find their inner strength.

My passion for training and motivating people developed during high school and Law School when I worked as ski-, sailing- and outdoor instructor. This led me to move to Austria after my Masters to enjoy the mountains, the snow and teaching. When I came back in the Netherlands I worked in a corporate world in both Legal and Sales. After a couple of years I felt I had to follow my heart for sports. That’s why I subscribed for the Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA) course and why I followed two internships. With this experience I felt ready to start up my own company LottePT where I work as a personal trainer and nutrition coach.

2017     Certified Personal Trainer (Online Trainer Academy) 2017     Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification (not finished yet) 2017     First Aid 2016 2016     Certified Personal Trainer (NSCA) 2013     Landes 1, advanced ski,- and snowboard instructor 2012     Anwärter, ski instructor 2012     Master of Law (LLM)

2016 – present     Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach at LottePT, Amsterdam 

2017                      Internship personal training Gustav Gym, Amsterdam  

2016                      Internship personal training Squash City, Amsterdam  

2013-2017            Corporate Legal Counsel & Sales Manager  

2005 – present    Ski- and snowboard instructor, Austria

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Lotte van der Zee who is a professional physical fitness consultant and a dedicated personal trainer. Lotte served as my instructor of bootcamps and body fitness. Her expertise and persistence in these capacities have been helpful in my work as well as my personal life. Lotte’s indescribable workouts are matched by a wonderful sense of humor, and her vigorous drive is inspirational. I would not hesitate to consult Lotte for any future projects and am pleased to say that she would be an asset to anybody fitness program. She came highly recommended to me and went beyond all expectations that I had.
’Vond het een geweldige training! Gezellig maar ook effectief!
Uitstekende trainer die Lotte, afwisselende oefeningen, spierpijn gegarandeerd!
Lotte is de beste trainer die ik ken! Duidelijk, geen ingewikkelde uitleg maar precies de juiste tips op het juiste moment. Ze sluit goed aan op je niveau , is enthousiast, kan goed motiveren en is zelf het beste voorbeeld van een echte doorzetter!! Ze heeft me ook nog eens binnen een half uur van de blauwe piste af laten skiën terwijl ik nog nooit op ski's had gestaan!! Volgens mij is er niks wat ze niet kan.
Went to Lotte PT... now I'm fitter, more aware of my body. She's looking for your capabilities, reacts on your strength (or lack of it... 🙁 ) and find a way to motivate you; and she's also very nice to work with, although she seems to have no problems with the physics and never sweats... But keep it quiet.... 🙂
Een expert in motivatie en training geven!
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